Sphero Mini is about much more than just driving. There are a bunch of Mini games available in the app that uses your Sphero Mini as a controller. Check out the details below: 

  1. Exile II -- The reboot of our original Exile application, Exile II uses Sphero Mini to move and shoot on a quest to destroy asteroids and enemy starships.

  2. Lightspeed Drifter -- Use Mini to control a futuristic ship racing inside a tunnel. Gain speed by running through boost pads, lose speed by hitting obstacles and collect stars along the way.

  3. Round Trip -- Rotate you Sphero Mini to destroy a polygon of "bricks" by bouncing a ball against them to score.

  4. Desktoy Modes -- Play with Sphero Mini without using the app. The new game - Mini Escape - allows users to use their hands to block Mini from running away. If Mini can successfully escape, Mini wins. 

Check out the other ways to play with Sphero Mini.

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Email: support@sphero.com