Sphero Mini now comes equipped with a desktoy mode that allows you to play with Mini without your smart device. The new game - Mini Escape - allows you to use your hands to block Mini from running away. If Mini can successfully escape, Mini wins.

To get started:
    1.    Start the Sphero Mini app on your Android or iOS device. Connect your Mini to the app.
    2.    Enable desktoy mode in basic settings by switching the desktoy mode toggle to “On”.
    3.    Close the app after desktoy mode is enabled.
    4.    Shake your sleeping Mini to enter the rainbow idle state. Alternatively, plug Mini into a power source to wake it up and then unplug it to enter the idle state.
    5.    Give Mini a shake to activate Mini Escape at any time while in the rainbow idle state. Your Mini will turn green when Mini Escape is activated. Place your robot on the table or floor and keep it from running away by blocking it with your hands or feet.

Watch out! Mini will get faster the longer you play. If you can successfully keep Mini from escaping, your robot will stop running, turn green, and you win! If Mini is able to run 1 meter in a straight line or drops from the table, you lose, Mini wins, and Mini turns red. Give Mini a shake to play again, or connect to the app to drive, play games, and have more fun.

A note about firmware:
Desktoy mode is only available with firmware 12.41 or higher. You can check what firmware version your Mini has by connecting to the Sphero Mini app and selecting the advanced tab in settings. Make sure you get the latest version of the app from the App Store or Google Play if your Mini’s firmware is below 12.41. After updating to the latest firmware, make sure to enable desktoy mode by switching the desktoy mode toggle in basic settings to “On”.

If you have any questions or concerns, please follow the link to open a new support ticket.

Or feel free to contact us at your convenience:


Email: support@sphero.com