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For many years, the Sphero Edu Chrome app has been accessible via the Chrome Web Store for usage on Chromebooks. However, Google has committed to no longer supporting Chrome apps and their respective availability on the Chrome Web Store by June 2022. Learn more about their official plans and details in the Chromium Blog.

To get ahead of this deadline and ensure a smooth transition, Sphero is encouraging users to start running the Android version of Sphero Edu on their Chromebooks. In January 2022, we will remove the Sphero Edu app listing on the Chrome Web Store. Once this happens, users will only be able to use the Android app on their Chromebooks.

Most Chromebook models have supported Android apps for a number of years, starting back in 2016. Please review the documentation below to better understand if you will be impacted by this change.

Q: How Do I Get the Android Sphero Edu App on My Chromebook?

For compatible Chromebooks, you must access the Android version of Sphero Edu from the Google Play Store. Look for this icon on your desktop shelf or via the app launcher:

Google Play Store icon

After opening the Google Play Store app, type "Sphero Edu" into the search bar to find the Sphero Edu app. Then click on the "Install" button to install the app. You will then be able to access the Sphero Edu app from the app launcher. If desired, you can pin the Sphero Edu app to your desktop shelf for easy access.

Q: What's Different Between the Android App and the Chrome App?

There are a handful of benefits to using the Android app over the Chrome app. in particular, these three are worth noting:


Android Sphero Edu App

Chrome Sphero Edu App

Supports firmware updates



Allows for offline usage (can program without the internet)



Has guest mode and local storage of programs



Has properly translated UI


No (machine translations)

* Some Chromebooks have a harder time updating firmware. If this is the case, you can try the firmware update on an iOS or Android phone/tablet.

There are a few things that teachers and parents must do on the Sphero Edu website, as they are not supported in the Android version of Sphero Edu. This includes the following:

  • Class set up and management
  • Creation of custom activities
  • Password or profile changes

In each of the above cases, the Android app will open a browser to complete the needed work.

Q: Which Chromebooks Support the Android Sphero Edu App?

Since 2019, all new Chromebooks run Android in conjunction with Chrome OS. If you have a new Chromebook, you should have no issues running the Android version of Sphero Edu, accessible via the Google Play Store. However, if your Chromebook was manufactured prior to 2019, then it may not support Android. Most older models have received operating system updates to add Android support, but not all models have received this update.

If your Chromebook was manufactured prior to 2019, please check this official list to determine if it runs Android and consequently, the Android Sphero Edu app. If your device is on the list, but doesn't seem to support Android, please check if your operating system is out of date. If it is, an update may enable Android support.

Q: What Do I Do if My Chromebook Doesn't Run Android?

If your current Chromebook does not support Android apps, then you can still run the Sphero Edu Chrome app that's available on the Chrome Web Store. However, later in 2021 this version of the of the app will become unavailable. Consider procuring a newer Chromebook model, or transition to using the Sphero Edu apps available on our other platforms, as detailed on our Device Compatibility support page.

Q: How Do I Manage and Deploy the Android Sphero Edu App in My School?

If you need to manage a device pool of Chromebooks and deploy the Android Sphero Edu app to those devices, then review Google's support documentation on how to Deploy Android apps to managed users on Chromebooks.

Please contact our support team if you run into any issues with the Android version of Sphero Edu on Chromebooks. You can contact our support team with feedback or inquiries about bugs and features at support@sphero.com.

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