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Getting Started with Sphero EDU

Getting Started with Sphero EDU

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Sphero Edu: Important Notifications

Check here for important updates about the Sphero Edu app

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Computer Science Foundations

Sphero Edu Curriculum

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"No User Data" Mode in Sphero Edu

Learn about setting instances of the Sphero Edu app into a mode that disables accounts and the collection of user data.

Archiving Sphero Edu Classes

Learn about archiving classes in Sphero Edu.

Find My Robot with the Sphero EDU app

After connecting to your robot in a classroom full of other students and robots, you might be unsure how to find which robot is yours. Now, you can navigate to the connection screen in your app and click Find My Robot:. Then you can create a graphic

Sphero Edu Android App on Chromebooks

Moving forward, the Android app will be the primary way you can experience Sphero Edu on your Chromebook.

Changing my Child's Password

Review this document if your child forgets the password associated with their Sphero Edu account.

Setup Guide for Clever

By synchronizing data via Clever, student accounts, teacher accounts, and classes can be created in the Sphero Edu platform.

Sphero Edu + Google Classrooms

Learn about Sign in With Google and Google Classroom sync options.

Sphero Edu Class Codes

Learn about creating and using class codes with your students.

Sphero Edu Managed Configurations

Managed configurations allow you, as an IT admin, to modify various aspects of the Sphero Edu app on deployment.

Sphero Edu Account Deletion

Learn about deleting your Sphero Edu account, or the accounts of students/children you manage.

Supported Languages

Pick from one of our 16 supported languages.

Sphero Edu JavaScript Wiki

The Sphero Edu JavaScript wiki is a comprehensive guide for the core programming functionality available in the Sphero Edu canvas.

Sphero Edu QR Codes

The Sphero Edu app can scan and open official Sphero Edu QR codes.

Locating Missing Programs

Sometimes it can be difficult to locate a program that you've worked hard to create. While in the Sphero Edu app, ensure you are logged in to your profile. Under the "Programs" tab, you should be able to see all of your created Programs. If you have

Privacy and Security

We are pretty darn serious about privacy and security.

Connection Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting for Connection Problems in the Edu App.

Changing Text-To-Speech Settings for The "Speak" Block

Instructions on how to adjust the text-to-speech playback for the "Speak" block in the block canvas.

What Sounds Can I Make With Sphero EDU?

There are a number of available sounds you can use in your Sphero EDU Block or Text programs.

Sphero Edu Webinars

Missed a webinar? Not to worry - you can find our past webinar recordings here.

Sphero Edu Activity Codes

In Sphero Edu, each activity has a unique ID. You can enter this ID in the in-app activity code finder to directly access the activity.

Sphero Edu Firmware Updates

Most Sphero Edu compatible robots come out of the factory with the latest firmware - but in some cases you may need to update your firmware. Learn all about updates here.

Publishing Sphero Edu Activities

Sphero Edu allows you to publish your own custom activities for use by the community.

Email Contact Allowlist

Having issues getting Sphero Edu account emails?

Signing Into Clever With App Links

As a teacher using Clever with Sphero Edu, you may want your students to sign into the Sphero Edu app directly from your Clever portal.