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Privacy and Security

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Summary of Security Measures

The Sphero Edu software platform works across many Sphero robots: Sphero 2.0, SPRK Edition, SPRK+, BB-8, BB-8 SE, R2-D2, R2-Q5, Ollie, and Darkside. There is no personally-identifiable information stored on the robots themselves - only anonymous activation, usage, and version information to best support the product experience. There is personal information stored on the Sphero Edu platform if users choose to create an account. 

Sphero works with third-party security experts to audit the Sphero Edu platform on an annual basis to ensure the security and integrity of stored user data. 

Accounts & Authentication

Users have the option of creating a user account on Sphero Edu, although they can still use the app anonymously without signing up for an account. Accounts enable users to store information in the cloud to make the platform more useful, and to share content publicly where permitted by applicable privacy law. To keep user data safe and the content of the platform relevant for users, Sphero offers 3 types of user accounts:

Learner: Build programs and complete activities;

Educator: Manage classes and take learning #BeyondCode; and

Parent: Create accounts for your kids.

Data Storage & Privacy

All user data is password protected and user accounts are stored in a secure user database accessible only by administrators to the platform. See the application Privacy Policy for more information on how information is collected and used.

COPPA Compliance 

Sphero Edu works with industry leading experts in COPPA verification, ensuring that children who use our products are protected. Learners who are 13 years or younger require a Parent or Educator to set up their account. All under 13 user data is accessible only to the Learner and Parent by default, and Parent must prove their identity through Verifiable Parental Consent if they choose to allow the Learner to share any of their profile or content (images, video, programs etc.) publicly. 

Sphero Edu privacy information

Personal data collected


  • Required: username, email, password
  • Optional: first/last name, bio, website, title, twitter name, profile image, postal address, phone number


  • Required: username, password, class name
  • Optional: first name, last initial, profile image, gender, grade

No PII is shared with any 3rd party vendors. Only abstracted user data is shared with the below vendors strictly for usage metrics and analyzing user behavior to improve the apps: 

  • Yahoo! (Flurry analytics)
  • Google (Play and Chrome stores, Google Analytics)
  • Apple (iTunes Connect)
  • Amazon (developer portal)
  • Twitter (Fabric analytics)

No user data is used for advertising, such as using cookies to display banner ads. If students opt-in to email updates we send ~2 emails annually announcing new apps features - but not selling or promoting any products. If instructors opt-in to email updates we send emails about new app features, new products, and discounts.

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