Charging BOLT

Updated 6 months ago by Kevin Sicner

Sphero BOLT has a bigger battery compared to previous Sphero models, and therefore takes a bit longer the charge. Follow these simple steps to get charged up!

  1. Plug the included USB Micro B cable into the charging cradle, and the other end into a USB port.
  2. Place BOLT into the cradle and ensure it is upright. You will know if it starts charging properly as the blue LED on the cradle will begin blinking.
  3. A fully depleted BOLT will take about 6 hours to charge to 100% capacity, but you can take the robot off the cradle and use it at any time.
  4. When the robot is fully charged, the blue charger light will be solid (not blinking) and will last for at least to 2 hours of constant play. It can even last for 5+ hours if not continually rolling.
  5. If you want to charge several BOLTs simultaneously, you can use a USB hub. Please ensure each port supports 600mAh to achieve the spec charging rate. If you are not sure that your USB hub meets our specs, or is safe to use, here are some specific options you can purchase:
    1. Sphero 6-Port USB Hubs (2x)
    2. Imuto 6-Port hub on Amazon
    3. Last 10 USB Port on Macgear (for Australian users)

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