Computer Science Foundations

Using Computer Science Foundations

How do my students get access to CS Foundations? Once a student has a Sphero EDU account and are in one of your classes, they'll have access to CS Foundations content. They'll be able to access their…

Amelia DeBoer
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Purchasing Computer Science Foundations

How much does CS Foundations by Sphero cost? Thanks so much for your interest in our product! We have two purchase options for teachers. An individual (per course) license is $199. If you know you're…

Amelia DeBoer
Updated 1 year ago by Amelia DeBoer

Accessing Computer Science Foundations

How do I get access to the courses? First, you'll need to be sure that you have a Sphero EDU Educator account (follow the steps here if you don't). Once you've got that all squared away, head to http…

Amelia DeBoer
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Which Robots work with CS Foundations?

While Computer Science Foundations (CSF) was designed to pair with BOLT, about 80% of the activities in each of the three course books that are compatible with SPRK+ and Sphero Mini. CSF is not compa…

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