Ollie + Ollie Darkside

Ollie FAQ

How do I connect to Ollie ? To connect to Ollie on both iOS and Android devices, follow the simple steps below: Go to your app store and download the Sphero Edu application. . With your Ollie fully c…

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Ollie Dies Quickly After a Full Charge

If the Ollie dies quickly after a full charge, it is possible that the Ollie didn’t charge properly/fully. When charging, the Ollie will light up red around the USB port. When the Ollie is fully char…

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Ollie and Darkside Security

Ollie & Darkside Hardware description Cortex ARM Processor. Bluetooth 4.0 3D Accelerometer and Gyroscope. 256 KB Flash Memory. Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Batteries. Charger Micro USB Cable and Port…

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Waking Ollie

If an Ollie won’t wake up – it could have put itself into deep-sleep. The deep sleep setting is designed to save battery power throughout the process of shipping and when waiting on a shelf. To wake…

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Ollie Device Compatibility

The Ollie app has been removed from all app stores - please use the Sphero EDU app to control your Ollie and Ollie Darkside. Compatibility article here.. --- The Ollie app works with many iOS and And…

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