Sphero indi™

What do the lights on the indi™ robot mean?

Flashing Red | Green | Black

Micah Daby
Updated 1 year ago by Micah Daby

Do I need an app to use indi™?

You can use your indi robot with or without a screen! Learn the basics of programming with the included color cards/tiles or level up with Sphero's all new drag and drop blocks in the free Sphero Edu…

Sara Sampson
Updated 1 year ago by Sara Sampson

Adjusting the Speaker Volume of indi™

You can adjust the speaker volume of Sphero indi™ with the Sphero Edu Jr™ app.

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Updated 2 years ago by Micah Daby

Resetting your Sphero indi™

Learn about the two ways to reset your Sphero indi™.

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indi™ Battery + Charging FAQ

How long does it take Sphero indi to charge? If completely dead, it take two hours for the battery to fully charge. How many hours does indi last on a full charge? With normal classroom usage, we exp…

Sara Sampson
Updated 10 months ago by Sara Sampson

indi™ Color Cards + Durable Tiles

Can I make my own color cards? indi was designed to read the specific colors on the cards that came with your robot. By experimenting, you may be able to find a colored piece of paper or marker that…

Sara Sampson
Updated 5 months ago by Sara Sampson