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Sphero indi™

Do I need an app to use indi™?

You can use your indi robot with or without a screen!. Learn the basics of programming with the included color cards/tiles or level up with Sphero's all new drag and drop blocks in the free Sphero Edu Jr™ app. You can learn more about the Sphero Edu

indi™ Battery + Charging FAQ

If completely dead, it take two hours for the battery to fully charge. With normal classroom usage, we expect indi to last an entire seven-hour school day. If the motor is running continuously, the battery will last two hours. The eyes on indi will f

indi™ Color Cards + Durable Tiles

indi was designed to read the specific colors on the cards that came with your robot. By experimenting, you may be able to find a colored piece of paper or marker that closely resembles the colors on the card/tiles - if the color you're experimenting

What do the lights on the indi™ robot mean?

Flashing Red | Green | Black

Adjusting the Speaker Volume of indi™

You can adjust the speaker volume of Sphero indi™ with the Sphero Edu Jr™ app.

Resetting your Sphero indi™

Learn about the two ways to reset your Sphero indi™.