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Ollie + Ollie Darkside


Ollie FAQ

How do I connect to Ollie?  To connect to Ollie on both iOS and Android devices, follow the simple steps below:. My Ollie is flashing red:  When Ollie is not connected and flashing red, that means your robot has corrupt firmware. Here's how you fix i

Ollie Dies Quickly After a Full Charge

If the Ollie dies quickly after a full charge, it is possible that the Ollie didn’t charge properly/fully. When charging, the Ollie will light up red around the USB port. When the Ollie is fully charged, this light will change to Green to indicate th

Waking Ollie

If an Ollie won’t wake up – it could have put itself into deep-sleep. The deep sleep setting is designed to save battery power throughout the process of shipping and when waiting on a shelf. To wake up an Ollie from deep-sleep, plug the micro USB int

Ollie Device Compatibility