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Replacement Charging CablesUpdated 4 months ago

Charging Cables Available for Purchase

Sphero BOLT Charging Base + Charging Cable

Sphero BOLT Charging Cable

Sphero BOLT Power Pack Adapter

SPRK+ Charging Cable

SPRK+ Power Pack Adapter

Sphero RVR and RVR+ Charging Cable

littleBits Products

Sphero 2.0 + Sphero SPRK Edition

Sphero no longer has these available for purchase. You can use the following specs: the charger has a 3.5 mm outside diameter x 1.3 mm inside diameter hole, and the entire connector is 10mm long/deep. It is 12V 500mA with the center being positive. We have found retailers, like Amazon, that provide alternative charging cables that meet these specifications.

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