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Sphero RVR and RVR+ Battery FAQUpdated 10 months ago

Where is the battery located?

The battery is located in the center of the robot, between the two wheels.  The battery can be accessed by using the included RVR/RVR+ key to open the battery door which has two lock icons on it.  If you don’t have the battery key you can use a coin, flat head screwdriver, house key or other flat sturdy object to open the door.

Once the door is open press down on the blue battery release latch to release the battery from the robot. CAUTION: The battery is spring loaded and will shoot out an inch or two when this latch is pressed. Make sure the battery opening is facing upward when you press the latch so it doesn’t fall on the ground.  

How do I charge RVR/RVR+'s battery?

You'll need to remove RVR/RVR+'s battery in order to charge it. Locate the USB-c charger included in your packaging and plug into any USB port to charge. Charge times will vary based on the output. We recommend charging via a wall outlet.

Can I get a replacement battery?

Yes! Replacement batteries will be available for purchase at http://store.sphero.com.

How long will I be able to play on a full battery?

RVR/RVR+ itself will drive for about two hours on a full charge. With that in mind, remember that additional devices will drain the battery faster. Your mileage may vary if you start streaming 4K YouTube videos of cats on your Raspberry Pi 4 topper.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

RVR/RVR+ battery charge time will vary based on the type of USB charger it is plugged into as well as the charge level already in the battery.  The following are estimated charge times from empty based on types of devices it is plugged into.

  • 1A charger (USB port on a computer, basic phone charger) - 10-12 hours
  • 2A charger (Tablet charger, 2.1A labeled phone chargers) - 4-6 hours
  • Quick Charge 3.0/USB-PD (Quick charge labeled charging brick, high end phone chargers) - 2-4 hours
    • Note: Requires USB-C to USB-C cable, not included

I lost the USB-C charger that came with my RVR/RVR+, what do I do?

You can use any USB-C charging cable and charging brick with RVR/RVR+.

How can I prolong my RVR/RVR+ battery life?

RVR/RVR+ will provide power via the USB and Universal expansion port even when it appears to be off, disconnect your projects when not in use to avoid draining the battery with them. You can also remove the battery when not in use to avoid slowly draining.

Are RVR+ batteries compatible with RVR, and are RVR batteries compatible with RVR+?

Yes! While RVR+ has a slightly different battery, the form factor is identical and will work with RVR. Likewise, the older RVR batteries are compatible with RVR+.

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