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Sphero RVR and RVR+

Getting Started with RVR and RVR+

Recently purchase a RVR or RVR+? You're in the right spot! Here are some tips and tricks to get rolling with your new robot. Be sure to check out the additional links as well! RVR/RVR+ is our most technical robot yet, and we've got loads of informati

RVR / RVR+ Troubleshooting

First things first.... Is your firmware up-to-date?. The RVR+/RVR color sensor window is sensitive to dirt/fingerprints/smudges. Go ahead and give it a good wipe with a soft cloth (like one for glasses or computer screens) and your RVR+/RVR should be

RVR vs RVR+ Comparison

Sphero RVR and RVR+ Battery FAQ

Where is the battery located?. The battery is located in the center of the robot, between the two wheels.  The battery can be accessed by using the included RVR/RVR+ key to open the battery door which has two lock icons on it.  If you don’t have the

Sphero RVR and RVR+ Warnings

You may notice a number of warning popups while using the Sphero Edu app with your Sphero RVR/RVR+. While these warnings may look alarming, they provide important information about your RVR/RVR+'s functionality. In total, there are five unique warnin

Lost Battery Key?

Your RVR/RVR+ came with a small key to open the battery housing. If you have lost yours, a coin, house key, screwdriver, or any other number of household items can be used to open the battery charger. At this time, we do not have replacement battery

Lost Charging Cable?

If you have misplaced, or need an extra charging cable for your RVR or RVR+, we recommend this one.

Drawing power for the USB and UART ports

The 5V power from the USB and UART and the main power to RVR/RVR+ come from the same 7.4V battery. There is an e-fuse on the expansion port, which limits the output current to 2.1A. The USB and UART share the same power supply, so both of them combin

Missing UART Cable

If you are looking for a UART cable to use with RVR or RVR+, we recommend this one: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10369

RVR and RVR+ Long Term Storage

If you find that you are not going to be using your RVR or RVR+ for 3-4 weeks or longer, you will want to take the following steps to prolong the life of your treads and batteries. When preparing for long term storage, please deplete your RVR+ batter

Cleaning RVR/RVR+ Wheels

We get it! If you love maneuvering RVR/RVR+ through different types of terrain, the wheels are bound to get a little dirty. You can remove the treads from RVR/RVR+ - don't worry, this will not hurt the wheels! You can clean the treads with a damp clo

RVR/RVR+ Color Cards?

Replacement Color Cards for RVR/RVR+ are not available for sale as these robots can use any color cards for programming. Thee are no specific colors that RVR/RVR+ can or cannot see. Each time RVR/RVR+ uses a color event in the Sphero Edu programming

Important RVR/RVR+ Firmware Update - October 2022

Starting in Fall 2022, a new version of firmware will be available for RVR/RVR+. This download will update the firmware for the Nordic SoC to version 9.1.462 and the ST SoC to version 9.2.482. The new firmware update supports both RVR and RVR+. To su