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Sphero Edu Activity CodesUpdated 3 months ago

What Are Activity Codes?

In Sphero Edu, each activity has a unique ID. You can enter this ID in the in-app activity code finder to directly access the activity without the need to search, filter, sort, or use website URLs.

Here are good use cases for Activity Codes:

  • As a general learner or teacher, you find a great activity on the Sphero Edu website and you want to quickly open it in the app
  • As a teacher, you want a simple way to share an activity in your classroom so your students can quickly work on it
  • As a teacher or parent, your students or children don't have accounts and you want to share activities with them

Where to Access This Feature:

You can enter activity codes from these screen in the Sphero Edu app:

  • Main onboarding screens (when launching the app for the first time)
  • Your Workbook
  • The Sphero Activity tab
  • The Community Activity tab
  • The Activity Tab in the classroom view for students using class codes

The activity code finder button is primarily located in the top search/filter bar at the top of content pages. Look for this icon:

Supported Platforms and Requirements:

The Sphero Edu app supports activity codes on the following platforms, provided the app version is 6.4.2 or higher:

  • iOS/iPadOS
  • macOS
  • Android (including Chromebooks)
  • FireOS (Amazon Fire Tablets)

Additional Information:

  • Activities codes will only work for publicly published activities.
  • Activity codes won't work for Computer Science Foundations activities, as those need to be deployed via class management tools.

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