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Sphero Mini EDU 16 Pack FAQUpdated 5 months ago

What's in the Sphero Mini EDU 16 Pack?

The Sphero Mini EDU 16-Pack comes with 16 sets of 6 pins and 3 cones, 8 sets of 15 STEAM activities written for the Sphero Edu app, 8 construction sets, and 8 splitter micro USB so you can charge all of your Sphero Minis at once!

I can't seem to find this product in stores?

Currently, the Sphero Mini EDU 16 Pack is only available on sphero.com.

What Sphero apps does product work with?

Sphero Mini works with the Sphero Play and Sphero Edu apps. With that in mind, the activity cards included with the product are written for Sphero Play.

What operating systems are Sphero Mini compatible with?

Think of it less in terms of the robot, and more in terms of the applications themselves! The Sphero Play app is compatible with iOS and Android. Sphero EDU app works on iOS and Android as well as Windows and Chrome.

How do I charge my Sphero Mini?

Sphero Mini is charged through the included micro USB cable. Open the shell by squeezing the edges, plug in the cable, and then leave the robot to charge.

How much playtime does Sphero Mini have?

A one hour charge gives 45 minutes of play time.

How long does it take to charge my Sphero Mini?

One hour.

I lost my charger! How can I get a replacement?

Don't worry! Any micro USB charger will charge your Sphero Mini.

Is there anything I can do to extend my Sphero Mini's battery life?

The best way to prolong battery life is to store your Sphero Mini unplugged. The battery will drain over time and the robot will shut off. You will need to charge it next time prior to use. This keeps the battery from repeating cycles of charging and discharging.

How do I connect?

Connect to Mini by first charging the robot, holding it near your device, then open the Sphero Play app. Select "Mini" from the list of robot types and you should be all set if there is only one Mini nearby. If there are numerous Minis, select the ID of the robot with the most blue bars, which indicates the closest robot.

Is it waterproof?

Sphero Mini is not waterproof. Please don't take your little guy for a swim!

Is the Sphero Mini EDU 16 Pack fragile?

Not as a whole, but some of its components are! This includes the shell of the robot and the construction set. With normal use, they will last for a long time, but if they are dropped or stepped on they may break or crack.

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