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Sphero Mini

Sphero Mini FAQ

How do I know when Sphero Mini is low on battery? Sphero Mini will pulse red when it is low on battery and needs to be charged. If the battery is critically low, the Sphero Mini app will pop up a low battery warning.  Sphero Mini's battery level can

Sphero Mini Soccer FAQ

How is Sphero Mini Soccer different from the original Sphero Mini?. Functionally, it's the same robot. But that doesn't mean we don't have some additional goodies for you right out of the box! In addition to a fun new shell, there's also a brand new

Sphero Mini Activity Kit FAQ

Luckily the QR codes are not required to access the programs for the Mini Activity Kit. The codes just point to programs that can be found otherwise on Sphero EDU. 1) Navigate to the Programs section. 2) Click the filter icon and select the tag "Mini

Sphero Mini EDU 16 Pack FAQ

What's in the Sphero Mini EDU 16 Pack?. The Sphero Mini EDU 16-Pack comes with 16 sets of 6 pins and 3 cones, 8 sets of 15 STEAM activities written for the Sphero Edu app, 8 construction sets, and 8 splitter micro USB so you can charge all of your Sp

Sphero Mini Disconnects when Plugged In

Sphero Mini is engineered to reset when it is plugged into a power source. This means Sphero Mini will drop connection to the Sphero Play app when it is plugged in to charge. Not to worry! Once plugged in for a few seconds, the Sphero Play applicatio

Getting Started with Sphero Mini

How to charge:  Sphero Mini charges via a Micro USB charging cable. A cable is provided in the packaging, simply remove Sphero Mini's shell, locate the small micro USB charging port, and plug Sphero Mini into a power source. To use Sphero Mini, you w

Sphero Mini's Lights

You may notice that the LED lights on your Mini will change color or flash/pulse in a pattern under certain conditions. What exactly do the lights and patterns mean?. Pulsing blue. Sphero Mini is charging. Solid green. Sphero Mini is fully charged. R

Sphero Mini Connection Troubleshooting

If you're using a compatible device, double-check that your device has Bluetooth enabled -- if you're using an Android device, also enable Location Services. Our Sphero Mini robot utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 to create a connection to your device, so no pa

Is Sphero Mini Kit compatible with other Robots?

The accessories that come with the Sphero Mini Activity Kit include:. While the kit is specifically designed for Sphero Mini, you could theoretically use the accessories in the kit with your Sphero BOLT or Sphero SPRK+. There are 2-3 activity cards t