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Sphero Mini FAQUpdated a year ago

How do I know when Sphero Mini is low on battery
Sphero Mini will pulse red when it is low on battery and needs to be charged. If the battery is critically low, the Sphero Mini app will pop up a low battery warning.  Sphero Mini's battery level can also be checked in the app at any time. The battery indicator can be viewed at the top of the drive screen.

How do I reset Sphero Mini
Resetting Sphero Mini is as simple as plugging the robot into a power source, waiting a few seconds, then unplug it. 

Is Sphero Mini waterproof?
Sphero is not waterproof with or without its shell. We wouldn't recommend taking your bot for a swim.

What is Sphero Mini's Bluetooth Range?
Sphero Mini has a Bluetooth range of 10 meters.

Can I drive multiple Sphero Mini's at one time? 
Users can only drive one Sphero Mini at a time with the Sphero Play and Sphero EDU applications.

What apps will Sphero Mini work with?
The Sphero Mini robot is compatible with the Sphero Play app and the Sphero EDU app.

How fast is Sphero Mini?
Sphero Mini tops out at a speed of 1 meter per second.

Is Sphero Mini impact resistant
Customers should avoid dropping Mini if at all possible, but the robot is made to be resilient. Sphero Mini's shells are also made to last under standard operating conditions but can crack if Mini is dropped from a height exceeding that 3-foot mark.

Is Sphero Mini programmable?
Sphero Mini is programmable in the Sphero Edu application. Happy coding!

How do I clean Sphero Mini?
To clean your Mini, remove the robot from the shell. Do not clean the robot with water or other liquids, as it isn't waterproof. Use a soft clean cloth to remove any dust or dirt from the robot.

How do I change the LED color of Sphero Mini?
Sphero Mini is equipped with a smart LED that can emit thousands of colors. Select the LED color you want in the Sphero Play app by navigating to settings. Tap the gear icon in the top right of the app screen and slide your finger along the color bar until Mini emits the perfect color for you. Below the color bar is the brightness bar. Slide your finger across the brightness bar to set the brightness. Sphero Mini's LED color can be changed at any time using these instructions.

Is Sphero Mini safe for young children and pets?
Sphero Mini is designed for children ages 8 and up. We recommend keeping Sphero Mini away from young kids and pets.

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