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Getting Started with Sphero MiniUpdated a year ago

How to charge:  Sphero Mini charges via a Micro USB charging cable. A cable is provided in the packaging, simply remove Sphero Mini's shell, locate the small micro USB charging port, and plug Sphero Mini into a power source. 

To use Sphero Mini, you will need to install the Sphero Play app on either your Android or iOS device: 



Sphero Mini has two different power modes, Power Off and Standby.  Depending on which one of these power modes your Mini is in, you'll have to turn it on differently... 

 Standby -- if you simply closed the app and let Sphero Mini idly sit until the lights turned off, it's in standby mode. To wake, simply launch the Sphero Play application next to your robot. 

 Power Off -- if you navigated to the setting page of the Sphero Play app and selected "Power Off", your Mini is powered off. To wake from Power Off, plug your Mini in, wait for the LED light to turn on, and then launch the application.

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