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Sphero Mini's LightsUpdated 5 months ago

You may notice that the LED lights on your Mini will change color or flash/pulse in a pattern under certain conditions. What exactly do the lights and patterns mean?

While Plugged in:

Pulsing blue

Sphero Mini is charging

Solid green

Sphero Mini is fully charged


While Firmware is Updating:

Rainbow colors

Updating Firmware

Alternates blue/yellow

Corrupt Firmware (connect your Mini and update the firmware to fix this)


During General Use:

Rapid rainbow colors for a few seconds

Sphero Mini is going to sleep

Yaw-dependent rainbow colors (can observe while spinning Mini on a surface)

Sphero Mini is idle (Mini will go to sleep after 5 minutes of being idle)

Constant white light

Initial connection made in the application

Pulsing red

Low battery (Mini needs a charge)

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