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littleBits Code Kit

o28 LED Matrix vs o29 Round LED Matrix

The o28 LED matrix has a square colorful display that you can control using code or other Bits. Set it to SERIAL mode to program your own graphics, or switch it to SIGNAL mode to play with the preset programs. The case around each o28 LED matrix feat

Code Kit Device Compatibility

Debugging littleBits Code

Having trouble with your Code? Here are some things to check:. If you’re still having trouble, our Customer Success is happy to help! You can contact us here or at [email protected].

Code Kit Debugging Checklist

Difficulty Connecting codeBit to Computer

1) Please perform the steps below:. - Restart your computer. - Clear your Chrome browser's cache. - Open the FUSE web app on Chrome and navigate to a blank code canvas. - Connect the USB Power Bit to INPUT 1 of the codeBit. - Plug in the USB Cable to