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For you schools out there using lots-o’-bots in the classroom, we developed some special features to make your lives easier. The below classroom management tools are recommended for managing your class in a school setting. If you would rather have your students skip straight to an activity without any account, have a look at Activity Codes FAQ here.

We do not recommend having your students set up individual Learner accounts, with their parent emails as the Guardian Email entry. This method creates challenges as it requires you to contact all parents for account approval and it makes management and review of assignments more difficult. The success of this method is also dependent on your student's knowing and correctly entering their parents' email address.

Creating Student Accounts

With this method, each of your students would have a username and password to log into their Sphero Edu account. This method is recommended for students who can remember login information. To set students up, navigate to your Sphero Edu account at (you cannot manage classes from a mobile app). Hover over "Classes" and click on "Learners," From there, click "Add a Class."

You can choose from the following three options:

1. Use Class Codes (see below for more information)

2. Standard Class - add learners individually

3. Standard CSV - bulk upload your learners to a class

Class Codes

Class codes are a great option if you don't want your students to have logins and passwords. Class codes are 6 character codes that allow your students to access their assigned activities, program their robots, and share their work with their teacher and classmates.

Class codes can be created by any teacher and distributed to their students. Students don’t need to have a username or password to save their work with class codes. They simply need to enter the class code to access their assignments and continue working on their programs. Unlike standard classes, student progress is saved to the class rather than a dedicated learner account.

Learn more here.

Clever Sync

Your school must be registered with Clever to utilize this option. If you do have Clever, and would like to use it, you can learn more about syncing Sphero Edu with Clever here.

Google Classroom Sync

If your school utilizes Google Classrooms, you can sync your Google classes with Sphero Edu. Instructions on doing so can be found here.

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