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Classroom Management ToolsUpdated 4 months ago

For schools using lots-o’-bots in the classroom, we developed some management features to make lives easier. The classroom management tools below are recommended for managing your class in a school setting. If you would rather have your students skip straight to an activity without any account, have a look at Activity Codes FAQ here.

We do not recommend having your students set up individual Learner accounts on their own, as they will not be associated or managed by your Teacher account. This means that they won't be able to easily get assignments, and you will not be able to fix any issues with their account (for example, if they forget their password). Also, learners cannot create their own accounts if they aren't old enough to comply with regional data laws. If your students are young, you need to create and be responsible for their accounts.

Creating Student Accounts

There are four ways to create accounts for students:

  1. Class Codes
  2. Standard Classes
  3. Google Classroom Sync
  4. Clever Sync

To start, you must sign in with your Teacher account at edu.sphero.com (you cannot manage classes and create accounts from the Sphero Edu app clients), then select Classes from the navigation bar. 

From there you can select Create New Class to start the process:

As mentioned, you will have four options: 

Class Codes

Class codes are a great option if you don't want your students to have traditional usernames and passwords. Class codes are 6 character codes that allow your students to access their assigned activities, program their robots, and share their work with their teacher and classmates.

Class codes can be created by any teacher and distributed to their students. Students don’t need to have a username or password to save their work with class codes. They simply need to enter the class code to access their assignments and continue working on their programs. Unlike standard classes, student progress is saved to the class rather than a dedicated learner account.

Learn more here.

Standard Classes and Standard Accounts

With this method, each of your students will have a username and password to log into their Sphero Edu account. This method is recommended for students who can remember login information, and is a good option if you want students to have a password for their account.  

Once a standard class is created, you can add students one of two ways:

  1. add learners individually one at a time from the Add Students button
  2.  bulk upload your learners to the class with a CSV template from the Add Students with CSV button
Clever Sync

Your school must be registered with Clever to utilize this option. If you do have Clever and would like to use it, you can learn more about syncing Sphero Edu with Clever here.

Google Classroom Sync

If your school utilizes Google Classrooms, you can sync your Google classes with Sphero Edu. Instructions on doing so can be found here.

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